The word pregnancy does not invoke the word fun in most of us.  The words we mostly associate with pregnancy is sore feet, back pain, lack of sleep, hunger,  heartburn, morning sickness, nausea, stretch marks and so on….  But I do hear from the occasional friend that they just loved being pregnant.  It was the most fun they ever had and they felt healthy and vibrant.

With my first pregnancy, I could not relate to this amazing feeling some women were talking about!  I was sick head to toe in eczema and depressed.  So I really could have used a bit of humor in my life like these shirts to cheer me up!  With my second because I did a whole 360 on my lifestyle and lead on Non-GMO pregnancy I actually felt really great!  

You can read more about my experience on a GMO Free Pregnancy here.  But I’m definitely going to save this funny shirt idea for when my next friend gets pregnant!  I find we all love giving gift for the new baby and its so fun shopping for little ones, but we can’t forget the mothers sometimes…  Especially when you are going through a difficult pregnancy it’s a nice to feel acknowledged!  Below are some funny shirts I found and if you want to check more Funny Maternity Shirts click here.

If you are not interested in having strangers touch your baby bump these shirts might help keep them away:

Here are some funny ones for the Dads as well:


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