Carcinogens on Baby Products! Check this out.

ID-100216191Carcinogens in baby products is a major concern for all parents and  The balancing of the risks and the benefits of fire safety and chemical exposure for regulators is a challenge to manage.  Many parents feel that exposing their children to chemicals has far more risks then the benefits of flame retardants on these baby products.   These chemicals have been linked to many health concerns for fetuses, infants and children.  The toxicity to the developing brain and reproductive system are major concerns for all parents around the world.  Do you think exposing a child to chemicals has far more risks then the benefits of flame retardants on baby products?  If you do check out these Organic Baby product options
Check out this shocking CBS News video that exposes the alarming information regarding Carcinogens found in baby products

Green Science Policy Institute and firefighters, pediatricians and consumer groups petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on March 31, 2015 to ban certain household products if they contain any members of the toxic class of organohalogen flame retardants. This petition is supported by detailed statements from many scientists and physicians.

Here are a couple quotes I wanted to highlight:

“Organohalogen flame retardants are global contaminants that must be banned to further protect the health of people and the environment worldwide. Health care professionals are encouraged to incorporate an environmental exposure history from their patients in order to make a comprehensive list of recommendations for their overall health and safety.”

– Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, President, American Medical Women’s Association

“Consumers rightly expect the furniture and children’s products in their homes to meet flammability standards – but not at the expense of being exposed to toxic chemicals. CPSC should ban products with these hazardous flame retardants, and encourage manufacturers to use smolder-resistant fabrics and fire-resistant barrier materials instead.”

– Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D., Director, Consumer Safety and Sustainability, Consumer Reports

“It’s time to stop moving from one harmful flame retardant to its chemical cousin. By phasing out the entire class of organohalogen flame retardants, we can have healthier consumer products.”

– Arlene Blum, Founder and Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute

 Checkout the petition: Green Science Policy Institute



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  1. George Tsam says:

    Carcinogens on Baby products that’s very wrong. Who decides to include these toxic chemicals on baby products? I don’t understand the logic behind these descisions

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