GMO Advocate “Not Stupid”. Does Not Drink Glyphosate Even Though He Stated It Was Safe To Drink!

Not StupidGMO advocate Dr. Patrick Moore was being interviewed by French cable channel Canel+ ( for a special investigation.   In the interview he stated that he did not believe that glyphosate was causing an increase in cancer rates in Argentina.  He made a bold statement that glyphosate was safe to drink.  The wise interviewer offered him some glyphosate to drink, since he thought it was safe.  Then Dr Moore states that he is “not stupid” and won’t drink it.  The interviewer then asked him if it is not dangerous then, are you ready to drink a glass?  Dr Moore says no he is “not an idiot” and ends the interview.  Then he walks away.
Check out the interview below.

What are your thoughts on the interview?

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