Spinach Cashew Pesto Recipe

Spinach PestoThis dish came to me one day when I had a few things in the fridge I needed to use.  It’s easy and it also tastes great.  I love pesto, it is one of my favorite sauces.  Unfortunetly, my husband is allergic to pine nuts and can not have it.  So looking at a full package of Organic baby spinach I had in the fridge, I wondered would that taste good with pasta?  So I took a bunch of ingredients that I thought would make a similar taste to pesto, mixed them up and put it on Pasta.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it tasted and my family loved it.  SONY DSC

Here is the recipe:


Take all the ingredients and put in a food processor or blender and mix until it is smooth and creamy.  Check consistency to make sure it is smooth enough to spread over the pasta.  You may add extra oil if needed.  You can eat the sauce raw or you can cook it slightly, its up to you.  Serve on top of your spaghetti or use as a sauce for pizza or on bread.  To make it extra rich and creamy if you are not allergic to dairy you can add organic parmesan either on top of the spaghetti or you can add 1/4 cup to the sauce in when mixing.  Add extra oil accordingly.


Please make sure your children are not allergic to nuts before trying this recipe!  You could try substituting the cashews with sunflower seeds or use no nuts and use parmesan instead.

This sauce could be used by raw vegans, by not using the parmesan and using everything raw.




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