NON GMO Potatoes for me please!

Both genetically modified apples and potatoes have been approved in the U.S for sale and consumption.  The apples will not be available for a couple years but the GM potatoes could become available as early as this year.  Here is an article on the new GMO potatoID-10053485.   This means very soon when you order potatoes at a restaurant you will need to ask for the NON GMO potatoes or look for restaurants that have a policy against serving GMO potatoes.

Some argue that these GM foods have been tested and cause no health problems.  But can we really say something is safe after giving it so little time to see any evidence of change or effects to both humans and the environment?  There is such a huge resistance from many GM supporters if you say anything against or question GMO’s.  Most people just want a choice not to buy GMO products.  If you want to eat genetically modified foods go right ahead.  Many of us though want the very best for our families.  Whether or not a GM food will scientifically cause problems in our body is not the main concern at this time.  It’s the “if”… we just really don’t know at this time if these foods our safe for us now and into the future.  I personally choose to keep my family away from the possibility of any harm that I can prevent.  In many European countries food is labelled and you can clearly see if the food you are eating is Genetically modified or not.  What’s the big deal about requiring labelling in America?  Why is there so much resistance to labelling our food?  Let us make the decision, let us choose what we will feed our families.  It’s not being anti science, it’s just asking “why are you so scared to give us a choice?”

What is your opinion?  Do you think it is wrong to have a choice of knowing what is in your food?  Share your thoughts on


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