Sleep tight don’t let the toxins in tonight!

ID-10098101Your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive.   Baby’s skin in the first several months of life is very different then an adult.  Their skin can absorb toxins and also be very sensitive to chemicals.  For more information on baby’s skin please read this article by Peter Lio, MD on   Peter Lio stated in the article the following: “there are significant structural and functional differences that make infant skin more susceptible to certain problems. During the first years of life, there are considerable developments of the skin and subcutaneous fat that warrant handling infants differently—and much more gingerly—than adults.”  This is why we want to bring your attention to your baby’s crib.  Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping especially those first months so creating a clean and healthy environment for your new baby to sleep in is of great importance.  When you put your baby to sleep, you want to sleep soundly knowing that your baby’s skin will not be affected by the bed they are sleeping in.   As a concerned parent you want your baby to be protected and comfortable.  To help you prepare for the set up of your baby’s crib we have a list of products for you to checkout:

1. Organic Crib Mattress.  Entirely non toxic baby mattresses are available.  There are many natural options to replace harsh chemicals so look for mattress that use non toxic organic materials.

2. Organic Crib Mattress Pad.  Studies show that if you protect children from dust mites and allergens in their sleep environment, you can reduce the possibility of your child developing serious allergies and asthma.

3. Organic Mattress Sheets.  Look for 100% organic sheets.   If you are looking for sheets with color in them then ensure that the sheets have been independently certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard and that the dyes they use are eco friendly.

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