Amys Drive Thru Coming Soon! Moms on-the-go Celebrate a Healthy Drive Thru Menu

AmysWe read some really exciting news on and regarding a new organic drive thru opening in California.  Amy’s Kitchen famous for organic and NON GMO frozen food is planning on opening a fast food drive thru with healthy options.  The menu has been reported to be almost entirely organic and everything on the menu can be customized to be either vegan or gluten-free.  Children on special diets and food allergies will now have a fast food drive thru option.  This is what Mom’s on-the-go have wanted, organic, color-free, chemical-free, convenient food for their children and we will finally get it!  Lets hope Amy’s Drive Thru spreads across the USA and Canada.  This is going to turn up the heat on other fast food chains to compete with Amy’s menu offerings.  It will be interesting to see if other chains will start offering NON GMO Organic options too.

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