Controversial Toys for Kids

ID-10053317In this post we are going to zero in on toys and the importance of finding the best toys for our children.  Right now people are talking about questionable or controversial toys such as the Lil’ Lager Baby Beer Bottle as reported by  While this toy is very controversial and deemed inappropriate on many levels by most parents standards we want to talk about toxic toys.  Parents want to give their children happiness when they give them a toy as a gift.  However as reported by many news outlets we might also be giving our children exposer to dangerous toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury and lead.   Exposure to toxic chemicals such as these could lead to autism, behavioral problems, cancer and learning disorders.  Protecting our kids from toys like the Baby Beer Bottle is easier then protecting them from toys that contain non disclosed toxic chemicals.  Currently most companies do not disclose what chemicals are used on their products.  So to be safe look for products that let you know they don’t use lead paints and also that they meet FDA standards for food contact, making it safe for teething babies to put in their mouths.  If you are looking for Non Toxic Toys click here

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