Chinese Worried About Baby or 婴儿 Formula Safety

ID-100136632Chinese parents have become increasing concerned about the safety of locally produced powdered milk since the tainted milk scare.  Many in China have resorted to ordering baby formula or powdered milk online via or other sites as reported by Bloomberg.  Many Chinese prefer baby formula produced in Europe. On our facebook page GMOFreeBabies we get a lot of parents asking about formula from all over the world.  So those parents in China are not alone on the quest for safe and healthy formula.  All parents around the world want the best formula for their growing baby or 婴儿 in Chinese pronounced Yīng’ér.  In the USA and Canada parents are very concerned about the use of GMO’s in formula. Most of the requests for help pertain to finding Organic and Non GMO formula.   To help you out click here to explore some Organic Formula (婴儿有机奶粉) options.  On our facebook page GMOFreeBabies you can read other parents recommendations and experiences with different types of formula.  Also check out this page for my experience with using formula.


Baby Girl image courtesy of Jomphong. at

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