Is your Grocery Store Planning on Selling GMO Arctic Apples? See the responses received.

apple by AdamrOn our facebook page, our audience requested that we contact different grocery stores in both the United States and Canada and find out if they were planning on selling the genetically modified Arctic apple in their stores.  The GMO apple has recently been approved in the US but is still not approved in Canada.  Although many people feel it is only a matter of time until Canada follows in the US shadow. The first companies to contact us were in Canada, and they seemed very promising.  Here is a list of the companies we contacted and what they responded:


Trader Joes – In response they stated, “as a matter of standard, any of our Trader Joe’s private-label products (including our produce) will never be sourced from GMO ingredients or sources.”

Martins – They responded back saying that the the Arctic Apples have just been approved by the USDA and will not be available commercially for a couple years.  When they do become available, then they will make a decision if they will or will not sell them.

Costco – They responded that their buying department has no plans to carry the Arctic Apple.  But regarding the processed products that might contain the Arctic Apple, currently they do not have any available information on this.

Krogers – Still waiting for a response

Fred Mayer – Still waiting for a response     grocery 2 by Ambro

Safeway – They responded saying that all Safeway brand suppliers meet CFIA regulations, and that available science makes no nutritional distinction between GMO’s and Non-GMO foods/products.  They also went on to state that their “O” Organics brand does not allow the use of GMO ingredients and are third-party organic certified.  Also their Open Nature brand also carries some Non-GMO products.

Target – Still waiting for a response

Food 4 Less – Still waiting for a response

BJ’s – They responded that they do not have the Arctic Apples in their inventory system, and are not given any information as to what products they may use in the future.


Loblaws : Here is the response by email (we asked for permission to post)

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
We would like to assure you that products sold in our stores adhere to
strict regulations for all food safety, sourcing and labeling
We recognize that our customers have diverse needs and preferences and
we strive to offer a wide range of choices to meet those needs.
This is why we are proud to offer Canada’s largest selection of
organic products, which includes a wide range of fresh and grocery
products under the PC Organics line.
However, we currently do not have Arctic Apples listed as one of our
products, and do not have plans to stock this product.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Priya (Last Named removed)
Sr. Customer Service Representative
Loblaw Companies Limited |1 President’s Choice Circle |Brampton ONT,
L6Y 5S5

Pomme Natural Market: They responded that “they will not be carrying any of this product.” (GMO Arctic Apple)

The Overwaitea Food Group: Responded back and basically said they have no intention of selling the Arctic Apple in their stores at this time.

Sobeys : They sent us an email, but they did not authorize us to use the information on our website and instead asks that we direct our site visitors to to contact them directly.

Longo’s : They responded saying that Longo’s does not intend to sell the GMO apple in their stores.

 Walmart Canada: Still waiting for a responsegrocery 3 by digitalart

Safeway Canada: Still waiting for a response

We at GMO Free Baby hope that we receive more emails soon and will up updating this page with any new information.  Please let me know if you have any questions by posting below or emailing me at  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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