Is Organic Clothing Worth Buying?

ID-100306883Why buy Organic baby clothes? Cotton is one of the most treated crops in the world with pesticides.  Yes Organic baby clothing can sometimes cost a little more but your babies Organic sensitive skin will thank you.  Look for 100% certified organic cotton made with no harsh pesticides or herbicides.  From my experience purchasing clothing for both my daughter and son, Organic clothing is usually much better quality and lasts a lot longer so you get your moneys worth.  When you have a baby you do lots of laundry so the washing takes a toll on clothes.  If you buy better quality baby clothing it will last.  I recommend registering online for a gift registry so you can take your time and read through product descriptions and ensure you are picking brands and clothing that use Organic cotton for you beautiful little baby.  Plus registering online is a lot less stressful then looking though products at a store.  

These Joobless sweaters (pictured below) are simply adorable. They are hooded organic baby cardigan’s made of soft yarns and Oeko-tex-certified eco-friendly and safe dyes. The sweater even includes a tiny friend in the front pocket.  The sweater has many details and is a must buy.  Check these styles out.  More options can be found here.


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