I wanted to share this article on how a recent scientific publication has reported that goats fed a GMO soy diet had marked changes in their milk.  It states that the GM soybeans led to a reduction of immunoglobulins in the milk of the goats, which then led to a reduction in their offsprings weight.  Also DNA from the GM soybeans was found in the milk.

ID-10028267If this study is correct, it brings about a lot of questions and concerns.  One important questions this brings to mind is: Could our consumption of genetically modified foods affect our own breast milk and the quality?  Most of my life I have eaten foods containing GMO’s and didn’t even know I was doing it.  It wasn’t until my health started to decline that I decided to make changes in my life.  I started eating healthier foods and learned about GMOs.  Now that I have children, as a family we strive to eat as healthy as possible, and avoid GMO’s.  But many times I have asked myself, if my years of eating GMO’s will affect my children.  Although many that claim GMO’s are safe, say there are studies to prove they are…  I just don’t trust it.  There just hasn’t been a long enough study to prove it’s long term safety. And many studies are backed by people of interest, which is questionable.  GMO’s have been on the market since the mid 90’s which might seem like a long enough time to see a negative impact, but it might not affect our generation.  How do we know it won’t affect our children or our grandchildren instead?  Plus more genetically engineered crops have slowly been introduced into our food system.  This leads to the question, do all the different Genetically engineered foods mixed together create a problem?  One type of GM food might not create to much problems, but what about many GM foods in large amounts? There are just too many questions that really don’t have a definite answer yet.  Longer independent studies are needed, but with so much opposition it is not an easy task.  Meanwhile, I think I personally will strive to feed my loved ones GMO free foods!

Here is the article on the goats.


Image courtesy of nuchylee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net