McDonald’s Phasing Out Antibiotic Chicken. Gives Choice of Non Treated rBST Treated Milk

ID-100261094McDonald’s announced today that it is going to phase out its use of chicken treated with antibiotics “important to human medicine” over the next 2 years.  With the rise of antibiotic-resistant super bugs this change by McDonald’s is welcomed and important.  McD’s is the largest buyer of chicken so their influence is huge in the way chickens are raised in the US.   McDonald’s also announced that later this year, it would give customers the choice of low-fat and chocolate milk from cows that have not been treated with the artificial growth hormone rBST.   These announcements are good steps for McD’s  but our hope at is that further steps are taken by all restaurants to remove GMO ingredients, chemicals and offer Organic choices to customers.

Check out the story in the New York Times titled “McDonald’s to Curb Purchases of Chicken Raised With Antibiotics in U.S.”

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  1. Cathi Willick says:

    they’re losing market share in the U.S. (not so much in other countries) and are in the process of changing their CEO. I expect they will be concentrating on simplifying their menu and changing what they can to gain back market share

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