Teenager meets Health Canada to talk labelling


Rachel Parent only 15 years old visited Ottawa to speak with Health Canada officials regarding GMO’s.  Rachel started her own foundation, Kids Right to Know, at the age of 12.  The Arctic Apple was one of the items they discussed.  Global News also mentioned that the BC Fruit Growers Association opposes the sale of Arctic Apples.  We recommend you watch this video.


  1. Tipos says:

    We need more teenagers like Rachel Parent. She is concerned about her future and earths future and doing something about it. I also enjoyed when Rachel told off the bald guy from Dragons Den a while back. Rachel is bold and smart. Keep it up.

  2. Organic Man says:

    Kid Right to Know is an awesome movement. The world needs to acknowledge that the youth today are the decision makers of tomorrow. The young want labels and if corporations don’t listen the youth will loose trust in those brands wether that be a retailer, restaurant or food producer. Corporations should start listening if they want to stay in business. Good job Rachel!

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