Breastfeeding in public to be allowed legally in Virginia

Almost all the states have a law in place that protects a mothers right to breastfeed in public except Idaho and South Sleeping BabyDakota.  The third one Virginia, is finally set to pass a law that enshrines their right to breastfeed in public. Breast feeding, what do you think about it? I have been on both sides of this issue, feeling a little surprised by seeing a mother breastfeeding in public, and then when I had a baby, I breastfed anywhere!

I guess it is just something inside of you that changes once you have a baby, you are their protector and helper. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter Fear and embarrassment went out the door once the labour pains set in. All that mattered was that baby and that it was protected.  I remember as soon as I had my daughter I put her on my chest and instantly she started feeding.  And when my family, (and by family I mean an army of people) came in she was still feeding and I just let her continue. I had just had the baby and everyone wanted to see her but she was on my breast feeding, that is how they saw her. Looking back I feel a little strange at the fact that my dad and brother saw my chest, but at the time I really didn’t care, my baby was hungry!  I am the type of person that doesn’t change in front of others, so showing off my body like that isn’t my personality.  But the mother instinct is so strong that when my baby is hungry you stop everything to feed them.  Of course after the hospital I always had a nursing wrap to cover myself, but I would breastfeed everywhere and anywhere.  Most of the time people had no idea I was doing it!  Especially with my second, since with the first I had a hard time breastfeeding, I take every advantage to feed him.  I see breast milk like liquid gold as they call it and provide it when ever I can. I don’t understand why anyone would make such a big deal about a mother breastfeeding.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea Especially if she has a nursing wrap!  Come on! Have you heard a newborn cry when they are hungry?  It’s crazy!  Feed the child, it’s so good for them!  How would you like it if you were starving and someone said sorry you can’t eat unless you go somewhere where nobody can see you.  What if you were down town and no place to go?  So do you think it is fair for a mother to let her child suffer and wait just because you feel awkward? Sure you say why not feed the baby before you go out.  A newborn feeds all the time, some more than others, so therefore you would just stay home all day! Leave these mothers alone to feed their little children. And plus most of the formulas on the market are full of GMO’s and other questionable ingredients.  I only wish I could have fed my first baby more breast milk, but I can’t change the past! But I can change the future, and that is why I choose to feed her the best I can now.

Here is an article in the news on breastfeeding in public and how Virginia will soon allow breastfeeding mothers to nurse in public.  Check it out here and let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Nora Barry says:

    Yes !!! Nursing In Public
    by Anne Smith, IBCLC The previous generation bottle fed their babies, so many people have never seen a woman breastfeeding. That’s one reason that a mother nursing in public has a degree of ‘shock value’, and is considered by many to be a private activity that should only be conducted behind closed doors – or in bathroom stalls. Breastfeeding is not an excretory function, and there is no reason to hide when you feed your baby. How would you like to eat your lunch in a public restroom?
    I feel strongly that the way to change this attitude is for women to “NIP” (Nurse In Public) openly, comfortably, and without embarrassment, so that people (especially children) can see that breastfeeding is the ‘normal’ way to feed our babies.

  2. Ashley Silverhorn says:

    Your body is for ur husband. You should not feed in public or ve half naked. I don’t want to see another woman’s breast nor do I want my son or husband. You may feel that it’s Natural to have ur breast out to feed to ur baby but I say it’s not right to cause some others woman husband to fall bc of ur nakedness. As nudity and should be behind close doors between you and your husband. If you are going to nurse cover men are turn on with eyes. No Matter how great of a man he is if they will look. Not right to temp another wife’s husband because yo u feel something is natural. So then you should have no reason being naked everyday that’s natural is it not you were born that way???? I have two children and have never fed them in public A modest B saved and know my body is not my own for my husband C have respect got my husband others husband n others parents son I do not need a children turn on bc he sees my breast not right. There is enough porn out there woman half dressed don’t need to add to breast in public for all to see then tell them to not look or don’t judge it’s crazy. I know Jesus is not pleased with my breast out for all to see so I do not do it. I stand alone on most issues that’s cool that’s what happens when you are set apart

    • Brittany Greek says:

      breast feeding isn’t a sexual act. If god made your breasts just for your husband to enjoy then you wouldn’t be able to lactate from them at all. breasts were made to feed babies. Not to please your husband haha yes their a perk for him I’m sure, but breasts were MADE FOR BABIES. Breast feeding is 100% natural and needed in order for a baby to grow up to 100% of there potential. Its good for the mother as well. Its also a moment of bonding. I would rather my baby be healthy and give my child the best opportunity in life to be smart. Then worry about what people think of me. And who says these women are half naked? lol men have breasts too, that aren’t even USEFUL and they can walk around shirtless. These women aren’t breast feeding in public for attention,They simply have a hungry baby that they love. And your baby is #1. Not your husband. You need to worry about what your baby NEEDS not what your husband wants. If its a beautiful day and I’m in the park with my baby and she/he is hungry. Im going to sit down. And I’m going to breast feed. Maybe I’ll have a blanket to cover up. maybe i forgot it? I really dont give a sh**. If my baby needs to eat, I’m going to breastfeed. I’m not going to make my baby suffer and wait till I get home that’s borderline child abuse. Babies are innocent and so is breastfeeding. And if your husband respects you as a woman and a mother he would back you up 100000% on you breastfeeding when you need too, he loves that baby too. doesn’t he want the best for it? Not letting your wife breast feed in public is selfish, Your child’s needs should come first. Always.

    • Ronette Rose says:

      I agree with Brittany Greek When or where ever I am if my baby is hungry, I will breastfeed her. People can always look the other away. Breasts were made for babies.

    • Nicole Morgan says:

      My body is my own! My breast are for feeding my baby. If you or anyone else doesnt like it than please look away. If you think there is anything sexual about feeding a child you have some major problems. I do not believe in your god or jesus but i am certain i would not want to know any god that thinks the way you seem to!

  3. Miranda Lee says:

    Whaaaaat?!? Breastfeeding in public is not “nudity” !!!! its the best thing for ur baby and so important to their health, brain development, and immune defence. Letting “what other people might think” make you stop giving your baby THE BEST of what you can, makes you ▲ bad mother. Society if f….d up if they don’t allow public bf.

  4. Despina Clair says:

    You can breastfeed and still be respectful about it. They have all sorts of modest inventions to help you breastfeed in public without exposing yourself. I nursed both my sons, but I did it respectfully. I also don’t agree with people walking around half naked either. Respect and modesty is honorable but hard to find in this day and age.

  5. Camara says:

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