ID-100111054Most parents feel guilty not giving there children candy at parties or other occasions.  You also probably have relatives or friends that make you feel you are depriving your children of their childhood by not giving them candy.   Well for all the candy lovers, Non GMO Candy not only exists but tastes great!  Most children don’t even notice the difference.  Look for organic candy that uses real fruit extracts like YumEarth Organics Organic Pops.  YumEarth Organics states that the candy they produce is free from chemicals, pesticides and dyes.   Guilt free candy great for special occasions.   Its a good idea to carry organic candy on you so that when you have the peer pressure around at parties to give your children chemical candy you can offer them yummy organic candy.  Maybe offer some to the parents trying to make you feel guilty so they can taste the difference.



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