Too Much Salt and Sugar Added to Toddler Food

The assumption most people have is that food designed for babies and toddlers has a high nutritional standard.   U.S. ID-100309415CDC and Prevention analyzed sodium and sugar levels in 1,074 infant and toddler foods and drinks. They discovered that 72% of toddler dinners were high in sodium, with more than 210 milligrams per single serving (as stated by Dr. Mary Cogswell of the CDC in Atlanta and her colleagues said in Monday’s issue of the journal Pediatrics).  Another 32 per cent of toddler dinners and most toddler cereal bars, infant or toddler snacks, desserts and juices had one or more added sugars, defined as more than 35 per cent of calories per portion coming from sugar.  For more information click here to read the article as reported by the CBC.

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  1. Boy says:

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