Approval Granted for Genetically Modified Apples in the United States

GMO Apples are now approved for commercial planting in the USA.  The company that developed the Apples is ID-100253060named Okanagan Specialty Fruits.  The developer has made the apples so that they are resistant to turning brown when sliced or bruised.  The apples will be labeled as Arctic so thankfully we will be able to identify the GMO apples in grocery stores.  They plan to sell two types of varieties: Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.  For more information about these apples check out an article written in the The New York Times click here to read it.

McDonald’s and Gerber had sent letters to Friends of the Earth and had confirmed they do not plan to sell or use the GMO apple.  Hurray!  McDonald’s influence on food production is huge and Gerber being a major baby food producer means their opinion on GMO Apples will effect the decision farmers make on planting this new seed.   To read the news release regarding the letter to Friends of the Earth click here

A natural way to keep your apple slices from browning is to squeeze some lemon juice onto the slices.


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