Goat Milk GMO free?

is my milk gmo freeGoat’s Milk anyone?  Some of you might think of never drinking anything but cow’s milk, but you should give goat milk a fair try.  I personally have developed an intolerance to cows milk so I like to change up what we drink at home.  I was told by my natroupath that you shouldn’t repeatedly eat the same thing everyday, as your body can create an intolerance.  So I like to give my children different types of drinks from almond milk, coconut milk, goat’s milk and organic cows milk occasionally and lots of natural fruit smoothies.  I find that if you drink the goat milk cold it tastes almost like cows milk.  It’s only when you heat up the goat milk that it starts tasting a bit strong.  About a year ago I called a few companies to see if they were feeding their goats gmo free feed.  Today I decided to call again and see if anything has changed.

So far I got word back from Happy Days and they sell goat milk in the local grocery stores across Canada.  They said that they give their goats non GM feed.  We made sure we asked about the alfalfa and they said it is Non GMO.

For the United States and Canada I found this goat milk formula that say its GMO free.  It’s called Kabrita Goat Milk toddler formula.  Let me know if you have tried it in the past and what you think.

If a brand is 100% organic it will be GMO free but sometimes not everyone can afford to buy the organic version but still want it to be non GMO.  From the phone calls I made last year it seems like goat farmers are trying to keep their goats on a non GMO diet since they mostly eat grass and alfalfa.  But please let me know if you have a specific non organic brand you are interested in!


  1. Holly Bug Mcclean says:

    Me and my hubby had to drink goats milk due to being allergic to regular milk.. that was over 26 years ago and we outgrow the allergic reaction since I never drunk it I don’t like it now it’s nasty to me..

    • GMO Free Babies says:

      Yes it’s important even if you don’t have an allergy to switch up what you eat. I know many that have developed allergies or intolerance to a food because they ate it everyday. My naturopath told me to try to rotate food every 3,4 days so your body gets a break. I too have intolerance to milk but if I have it like once a month it’s fine…but if I do one week straight, then I get symptoms.

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