Whole Foods Market commits to full GMO transparency – Whole Foods Market Newsroom

It is very exciting and encouraging to see a large company like Whole Foods Market to be so committed to letting its customer’s know if the products they purchase contain GMO’s.  All products in its U.S. and Canadian stores must be labeled to indicate if they contain genetically modified organisms by 2018. Whole Foods Market is the first national grocery chain to set a deadline for full GMO transparency.  Hurray!  Hopefully more grocery stores will follow in its steps.

– See more at: http://media.wholefoodsmarket.com/news/whole-foods-market-commits-to-full-gmo-transparency#sthash.FcOrPV2b.dpuf


  1. Organic Man says:

    Looking forward to 2018! We will probably see more and more groceries stores pushing for labeling because this is what consumers want. We need full disclosure of what is in our food. I for one want organic non GMO food and a label will make it easier to identify in stores.

  2. Organic Man says:

    I also heard Walmart is going to start selling more organic products this year. Looks like retail is reacting to our demands.

  3. Miss.Right says:

    @organicman hopefully people will start asking their local grocery stores to start labelling as well. Walmart starting to carry an organic brand would be amazing. Superstore in Canada already does and it’s quite successful ! I find it funny how the companies who stock the shelves of Walmart make a separate product for Europe since gmo’s aren’t allowed there but won’t make the exception for North American stores.

  4. Miss.Right says:

    Every dollar we spend on organic food is a vote to abolish gmo’s . We should take this into consideration every time we buy any good or other items. Choosing organic over conventional , glass over plastic , biodegradable over recycled. People have a voice and they can be heard!

    • Elena@gmofreebaby.com says:

      Yes if we really want things to change we must change what we do! If we don’t want GMO’s to be in our food, stop buying things that contain them. Go organic!

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