Snack Time! Healthy snack ideas on the go for Moms on the go

The hardest part about avoiding GMO’s for most families is snacks.  When you are so busy rushing out of the house and driving around with the kids you know the inevitable is going to come up.  I’m hungry!  I need to eat now!  Moms know they need to get food in those little mouths quickly or things will escalate very quickly.  The easy way out is to look for the nearest drive thru.  The kids will be happy, you will restore peace in the car and you can quickly continue on with the day.  But we all know fastfood is not what we want our children to become accustomed to eating.  What I typically do is buy snacks in bulk such as fig bars, fruit snacks and organic granola bars. My kids particularly enjoy the fig bars from Natures Bakery and they are GMO free.  There is a Non-GMO Project label on the back of the box.  We have tried all sorts of snacks for car rides but this one at least for now does the trick.   I’ll post some of the other snacks the kids enjoy as well.  Every kid is different so its good to experiment and find the snacks that work for your family.  Another good idea would be to invest in a snack pack
and then sample the snacks, like the ones in the pictures below (if you click on the pictures you can check out the vendors details on the products).  Then you can buy in bulk to save money on the snacks you know your family will enjoy.  About a week ago we bought 4 boxes of fig bars and got an amazing deal.   Kids have already depleted a box in one week!




  1. Organic Man says:

    I like the blueberry flavoured fig bars from Natures Bakery and my daughter likes the strawberry one and my wife like the fig flavoured one and my son like all three flavours… Good thing they are in twin packs it makes it easy to share.

  2. Allyn K says:

    It’s hard to find well-informed people on GMO’s,
    but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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