gmo's in your cerealI remember growing up watching commercials of Froot Loops that played over and over again.  Kids at school would talk about it and I remember wanting to try it.  My mother never let me eat it because of the colors and sugar it contained.  But little did I know that she was ahead of her time.  Now years later with my own family I limit the cereals in our house.  what cereal should i eat CollageI prefer to eat whole foods that do not come from a box, but then again who has time to cook every meal.  Cereals are fast and easy and many parents rely on them to help them feed their children before they head off to school.  I think we must look for the right kind of cereal for our children.  Always look at the ingredients list.  Ask yourself does the ingredients list look super long? Does it have high sugar content, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, GMO’s (non organic canola oil, corn, sugar)? Personally I prefer to buy certified organic cereals that are GMO free or non GMO.  But I still look at the ingredient list to make sure it still a good and healthy cereal. Recently GMO Free USA posted an article on testing they did on Froot Loops.  They state that the test showed the cereal to contain GMO’s and insecticide.  I am sure that many cereals on the market today also would test positive for these things.  Do you know what’s in your cereal? Read the full GMO Free USA article here.   Below are some organic cereals that my family enjoys eating for breakfast.  If you don’t know where to find them in stores simply click on the image of your choice: