What’s a GMO? Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to a local farmers markets to ask people why they avoid GMO’s and, more specifically, what the letters GMO stand for.

Its important to understand what GMO’s so you are not caught off guard when you are asked why you avoid GMO’s.  The responses in the video are funny but sad at the same time.  Spread the word and educate as many as you can on  GMO’s.



  1. Organic Man says:

    Wonder what percent of people actually know and understand what a GMO actually is… I think if people understood it better they would all want labels on food to know if a food contained GMOs. Does anyone know of any restaurant chains that avoid the use of GMO containing foods?

  2. Eva says:

    Yeah, gmo foods are bad. Even on the smallest chance that GMOs are safe for consuming (which i do not think they are at all for anything), they are terrible for the environment and the future. The herbcides sprayed on the crops decrease bug populations because they get killed, and they go into water and kill fish, and tons of other harm. Also, buying GMOs supports Monsanto. Monsanto puts little family farmers out of business by suing them for stealing their genes and planting them? or something like that. Basically the GMO crops contaminate small farmers crops, and they then can’t reproduce because GMO crops have to have a gene inserted into every seed, every reproduction. They didn’t talk about the environment in the video much.

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