The coming food disaster


This article is a must read.  David Schubert is professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.  The Salk Institute is considered one of the best medical research institutes in the world.

Quick Notes:

  • Weeds are becoming resistant so the EPA is steadily increasing the allowable concentration limit of herbicides in food
  • David Schubert: Herbicide resistant crops present health risks for consumers that cannot be ignored

Profits over our health and more importantly our children’s health.   Read the full article on…/o…/schubert-herbicides-crops/index.html

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    • Yorgo Sam says:

      Some GMO crops have the pestides in them so no amount of washing will get it off. Washing helps for some foods non gmo crops however I personally don’t like the idea of my food growing on soil contaminated by chemicals because the plants I’m sure absorb that into them so I stick to organic and non gmo.

    • GMO Free Babies says:

      I read that in some produce it does work to wash off a good amount of it, but not necessarily all of it. Especially if it has a waxy coating or soft skin washing it won’t help too much. Also GMO corn has the pesticide built into its DNA, so there is no way to wash that off. The best bet is to buy organic fruit and vegetables that have soft skin, a wax surface or are on the “dirty list”. You can also try to see if in your area their is local farms or farmers markets and talk to them and see if they do spray the plants. But washing your fruits and veggies is a good idea either way, just in case.

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