NON GMO Diet on a budget

 ID-100299503Free tips to help you eat non GMO on a budget:

  • Make your own easy snacks and drinks such as Kale chips, granola bars, organic oatmeal cookies and fresh squeezed orange juice.
  • Control your portions and buy in bulk. Calculate portions by weekly consumption and use your freezer for the excess food.
  • Buy frozen organic fruits and vegetables especially when they are not in season.
  • Eat more beans and lentils and reduce meat consumption
  • Buy directly from local organic farmers. You can use this website to look up local farms:  Look for the organic farmers.
  • Buy non GMO seeds and plant your own garden. Planting herbs is simple use them fresh in season and dry them from for the winter. Having your own herbs is a great way to save money.

More tips to come soon…

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